I’m very excited that you are interested in spending time with me.
Below is a list of personal guidelines for our time together.

Booking an Appointment

I personally answer all calls/texts/emails myself, so please be patient if I am not available to take your call. Send me a text or email with your request if I don’t pick up, and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. Please remember that I’m a busy woman with a full life, so please don’t be offended if it takes me a bit of time to get back to you. For that reason, it’s also best to book in advance. I do my best to be available for shorter-notice bookings, but the more time you give me, the more likely I will be able to see you.

Please be respectful when communicating with me.

While I am happy to answer any serious questions you may have, please note that I do not engage in explicit sexting or phone sex during the booking process, nor do I share extra photos. If you attempt to steer the conversation in that direction or ask for free nudes, I will end the conversation.

I do require screening information if you are new to me. I will let you know during the booking process of the screening options. Please send me a text or email to confirm the session either the day before or the day of our session.

During our Time Together

  • When you arrive, please be discreet in the common areas of my building. When you knock on my door, please refrain from greeting me until I have closed the door behind us.
  • Please be clean and freshly showered. I have shower facilities and mouthwash at my studio that you are welcome to use if needed.
  • Consent is mandatory for all activities we choose to indulge in during our time together. If in doubt, please ask. I will never shame you for your requests. The worst thing you’re at risk of hearing from me is ‘no’.
  • If you want something specific during a session, please let me know. Despite having some psychic ability, I haven’t managed to crack the mind reading code yet, and I want you to leave happy!
  • I am 420 friendly and I enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine on occasion. I’m happy to share some wine or cannabis in moderation during our time together. However, if you arrive intoxicated, or wish to use harder drugs during our session, I reserve the right to end the booking in a non-refundable manner for my own comfort and safety.
  • While I am not a ‘clock watcher’ I appreciate you being respectful of my time.
You look familiar, where have I seen you before?

You might know me from my work with the 2016 theatre production of The Hooker Monologues. I did a lot of media interviews during that time. I do a fair amount of public speaking about this industry and the fight for our labour rights. I’ve also done some fetish porn, which was a lot of fun. Or we could have met. Who knows? Come get a massage, maybe that’ll jog your memory.

I saw your fetish videos on Club Stiletto and you seem really mean. Are you mean?

My work with Club Stiletto was a lot of fun, but I was playing a role. The guys that purchase Club Stiletto videos want their dommes mean, so for that gig, I acted mean. If you like that sort of thing, I’m happy to make it happen for you. However, my most natural self is far less mean and more sensual. Besides, consent is mandatory for everyone involved, so I won’t be mean to you unless it’s negotiated in advance.

Isn't Tantra just a fancy word for a hand job?

Tantra in this industry often just means candles, incense, handjob. However, I am trained and certified in Authentic Tantra, which is a healing modality based on lineage-based, Buddhist Tantra from Tibet. It is a powerful healing modality that includes meditation, movement, connection and pleasure. I love to weave real tantra into our time together.

Are you fetish friendly?

Yes, depending on the fetish. In roleplay scenarios, I only play the submissive role if there’s no pain involved beyond some spanking, and I am not restrained in any way. I’m comfortable being dominant. I like foot fetish play, and I’ve been told that my feet are perfect. I’m shy about peeing in front of people, so please don’t expect watersports, and scat play is out of the question. If you have something in mind that I haven’t mentioned here, please inquire.

Do you see single women or couples?

I am bisexual and truly love the company of people of all genders.

Do you accept gifts?

Of course I like gifts! Who doesn’t? Gifts, like tips, are never expected but always appreciated. If you are bringing flowers, I ask that you don’t bring lilies because they are poisonous to cats. Other than that, I’m pretty easy to please.

I am Black/Indian/etc. Do you see people of any ethnic background?

Yes. I enjoy spending time with people from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Can I ask you to wear a specific outfit for me?

If I have it available, yes. I love dressing up, and it turns me on when you tell me what you like. If I don’t have it, you are welcome to bring something for me to wear.

Can you give me a discount on your rates?

Only if you’re Jason Momoa. 😉